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Tradition of Hamag foundry

Tradition extends to 30 s years of the last century. The foundry was founded by Tomas Bata who produced all thy types of iron castings - grey iron, steel, aluminium alloy, cuprum alloy - for own requirements - shoe and machine tools.

Company Bata was divided to three production companies - Svit, Rud jen and ZPS after year 1948. The foundry became a part of ZPS. The foundry always used the modern production technology. The foundry was modernized subsequently. There were installed the electrical induction furnaces, the moulding machines and the central sand mixture in the 50s years.

The present shape of HAMAG spol. s r.o. started

up in year 1992. Our company reached a good reputation in the Czech Republic and also in the foreing countries during its living. Hamag foundry reached its good reputation with high surface and inside casting quality and keeping the delivery dates.

Our foundry

all the time improves the production process, extends the material range - grey iron castings, ductile iron castings, abrasion-resistant iron castings, aluminium and cuprum alloy, low, medium and high alloyed steel castings. We produce more than 40 different materials at the present. Our foundry is capable to cast the castings from 0,5 to 400 kg in single-part production and from 10 to 80 kg in series production.

Our foundry tries to satisfy the raising customer demands.
We still continue in our good tradition and we look forward to a cooperation with you.


Hamag has successfully got involved in Operative program of business and innovation for support of regional development. We modernized an important part of our production and technological foundry equipments to increase productivity and satisfaction of new requirements of our current and new customers. Now we plan to increase our warehouse capacity for equipment maintenance from grant of Regional development.
Hamag also offers a production of cores and moulds from 3D technology print. This technology is a suitable alternative for prototypes and single-part production.
There are two important actions in our region this year. Hamag takes part in both actions. It is a traditional foundry fair FOND-EX in Brno in days 3.-7.10.2016 and 53rd foundry days in hotel Avanti in days 8.-9.11.2016 with an accompanying exhibition.